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RIA newspaper claims about pressure

15.02.2013, 12:49
RIA newspaper (Kozyatyn town of the Vinnytsia Oblast) claimed about pressure on freedom of speech by Mayor Olexander Gvelesiani. Representatives of the edition argue that the mayor organized an "illegal inspection" of the daily in response to a series of critical articles, chief editor Artem Flyazhnikov reported to IMI.

The daily filed the respective application to the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ambassadors of all countries of the European Union and the Inter-Department Working Group for freedom of speech at the President of Ukraine.

"We wrote critical articles about the absence of response of officials in Kozyatyn, about collapses of utterly destroyed communal utilities, about striking janitors, who have not been paid for six months. At the same time, the Mayor organizes pompous parties at the restaurant on the City Day. The patience of journalists burst when a desperate janitor, the mother of three children, committed suicide"- Flyazhnikov said.

In his opinion, the local authorities could have been disappointed with such as publication: "In its 16 years, the house looks like after the bombing," "City immersed in the trash," "Why the water from the taps is local residents stinks", "Five-year old Bogdanka afraid of open hatches", " Nightmare on Pidhorbunskoho  street", and others.

Representatives of the Department for Labor and Social Protection of the City Council, according to the edition, came to "study the compliance of labor laws."

In the opinion of the newspaper, the inspection is a mere obstruction of their journalistic activities.

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