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Reform of public broadcasting system should go on - Zelensky's adviser

07.06.2019, 15:41
Photo credits: Ukrinform The reform of the Public Broadcasting system should be continued, since Ukraine needs an independent TV channel to bring information to the public. Mykyta Poturayev, adviser on politics for the president Zelensky told it on June 6th at the round table "Freedom of speech in Ukraine: challenges and eventual solutions" held on the occasion of the Ukraine journalist’s day, as Ukrinform reported. "I know many people who work there and try to make it a little bit better. Of course, the reform has to be continued. If there is some bureaucracy impeding the development, so they have to sit down and to discuss it, to decide in what way it should be simplified. I am aware of many positive changes put in place there and the administration became more free, "said Poturayev. As to him, the public broadcaster is indispensable, because it is part of information weapon. But today, it's worth to reckon how it can be strengthened, the adviser said. "It needs to be competitive compared to big commercial TV channels. We have to work all together to make Public broadcaster to be high in the ratings, to be widely shared, as I am TV person, so I am all pro shares. Let's take decisions, count or fix some GDP percent as a an immune item, " Poturayev suggested. He also called on to pay attention to the situation of Ukrainian media in the territories occupied by Russia, where it is difficult to catch a Ukrainian signal, and Russian television is widely broadcasted. At the same time, he said that mass media are oligarchs depending. He added deoligarchisation should not be hard-hitting. As an option, it might be some specific law that will favor the press freedom. And this question should be widely discussed before being adopted. "There are specialists in our team. We are on the same wavelength, with you, in one information field and we are all willing to get solution for the same issues ", the advisor of the president said. IMI informed, on June 6, on the occasion of a professional holiday, the Day of Journalist, the media movement “Media for conscious choice” made an appeal to the head of state Volodymyr Zelensky with the proposal of the high priority media reforms.
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