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Rayon newspaper "Vpered" was censored before printing not only by head of Rayon State Administration, but by his wife, too

25.12.2014, 14:52

With the appointment of the new head of Oleksandrivska State Administration Serhiy Shpyrka in Kirovohradska oblast in April this year, the local rayon newspaper "Vpered" faced unprecedented censorship. This is what the “Vpered”'s editor-in-chief, Nina Dolia, reported.
According to her, after Shpyrka was appointed to administrate the rayon he summonned the editor and told her that from now on she had to bring to him newspaper pages for reviewing. “I told him it was illegal, but he said that he decided so, and this is how it will be. It reached the point of nonsense: at lunch time, he was taking the pages home for his wife to review them, and for this reason we often did not manage to print the newspaper timely, but it never troubled him.” When, based on the resolution of the party leader of “Svoboda” Oleh Tyahnybok all heads of rayon administrations wrote resignation letter, Shpyrka refused to do so. When the newspaper prepared a material about this for printing, he censored it out and did not allow to write about this. The same story happened with the materials about the rayon council session where the addresses and letters were read about Shpyrka’s not complying with the requirements for his position. All these materials were crossed out by Shpyrka personally

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