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Rada TV reports assault on their cameraman in Kryvyi Rih

22.02.2024, 13:47

The TV channel "Rada" aired a story where a security guard of a Kryvyi Rih business beats the channel's cameraman Yehor Lyubarschuk on February 13.

The report was broadcast live on February 21 and streamed on the Rada YouTube channel.

Earlier, the IMI wrote that the police notified the security guard of suspicion for willfully beating a journalist due to their reporting (Part 2 of Article 345-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The court also chose nightly house arrest as a measure of restraint for him.

A filming crew consisting of a cameraman and journalist Valeria Kholodova were reporting on central heating problems in several apartment buildings in Kryvyi Rih. One of the women they interviewed showed them that the lack of heating had caused mold to spread on the walls.

Next, the filming crew and the locals who who prepared an appeal went to the subscriber department of JSC "Kryvorizka Teplocentral". There, they were approached by a man wearing a "security" badge.

Screenshot by the IMI. The "Kryvorizka Teplocentral" security guard who approahed the filming crew.

The journalist asked the man to call the management. Finally, a woman came down to meet the filming crew and said that she was in charge of the communications group. She gave no comment to Valeria Kholodova and told them to submit a request, but did accept the appeal from the locals.

Screenshot by the IMI. The woman who introduced herself as the communications group manager comes down to meet the crew and the people.

All this was happening outside of the office building. The fight broke out when, during the attempt to talk to the head of the communications group, the filming crew tried to enter the building and ask a few more questions. The  cameraman was prevented from entering by a different guard, with no identification badge this time. He was not wearing a uniform and was in ordinary civilian clothes.

Screenshot by the IMI. A man prevents the cameraman from entering the JSC "Kryvorizka Teplocentral".

After the incident, the filming crew called the police.

Neither the crew nor the TV channel have commented on the situation.

Screenshot by the IMI. A man who prevented the cameraman from entering the JSC "Kryvorizka Teplocentral".

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