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Psychiatrists use force against photo journalist - St.Petersburg

15.12.2016, 14:10

In St. Petersburg (Russia), doctors forcefully "help" detained photographer of "Kommersant" David Frenkel. Ombudsman in St. Petersburg, Oleksandr Shyshlov sent request to the prosecutor's office demanding to check doctors' actions, says.

Dec.11, photographer was covering LGBT march, when he was arrested. He was brought in to the 78th police station in St. Petersburg.

Journalist told that police officers were more interested in the event, rather then in number of hits he received during the LGBT march. Journalist refused to answer, buried in the phone, hands crossed on his chest and said that he is afraid of police.

Newspaper says, that police called for a psychiatric care ambulance because journalist refused to answer questions about the details of the LGBT march. Physicians managed to tie Frenkel's hands with garrots. Yet, journalist's cries and resistance toned doctors' enthusiasm down and they decided to postpone compulsory physical examination.

"They got inside the room and took away my documents. They didn't introduce and didn't ask me how I feel, and they didn't offer to examine me. They command to leave the table. I wanted to stay in front of the camera, fearing violence and drugs, and then they attacked me,"- Frenkel described the meeting with three doctors.

When photographer's father said he believes his son conducted adequate to situation, doctors had rejected the idea of compulsory treatment.

The photographer has marks on his neck and hands.

Photo - Fontanka

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