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Protesters demand to withdraw broadcast license of NewsOne

09.07.2019, 13:19
Photo credits:
In Kyiv, in front of the National Council on Television and Radio Brioadcasting, where an extraordinary meeting is to start, protesters demand to withdraw the license of the TV channel NewsOne, as Ukrinform reported. About 200 activists gathered there, among them there are members of the National Corps, National Squad. Someone holds a picket sign with the slogan "NewsOne is threat to national security". The protest action is held without party symbols, nor flags. Several activists ignited flares in front of the National Council office. The activists said some protesters had intention to attend the sitting of the National Council. "The purpose of today's action is to require that the National Council revoke the broadcast license of  NewsOne TV channel, because they were going to broadcast a TV link-up with the "Russia" TV channel, which is prohibited in Ukraine, this is direct violation of the law. Also, NewsOne got already warning from the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, they had already made a lot of violations and go on promoting Russian propaganda, "Oleksander Ivanov, one of protesters said. "I expect the Coun cil to deliver the positive decision. If there is no positive decision, the protests will continue, "- he added. On July 7, Russian presenter Dmitry Kiselev announced in the program “News of the week”that a joint teleconference “Need to talk” with the Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne belonging to the ally of Viktor Medvedchuk, Taras Kozak, was to be held on July 12. NewsOne has announced that it is launching a joint project with the Russian television channel “Russia 24” “Need to talk”, since they thought one should initiate discussion between “the peoples of the two countries, and not the politicians.” The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) initiates an urgent extraordinary meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), aiming to impose some sanctions to legal entities which are broadcasting under the logos “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne TV channels. The National Council on Television and Radio will hold an extraordinary meeting on July 9 due to announced TV link-up between NewsOne and Russia 24. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has called the announced TV link-up of Ukraine’s NewsOne TV channel and Russian state-owned channel Russia 24 a cheap but dangerous PR stunt ahead of the parliamentary elections. On July 8th, NewsOne TV channel  has cancelled the TV linkup “Need to talk” with the Russian TV channel Rossiya-24 (VGTRK). On July 8th, the General Prosecutor’s Office has instituted proceeding on attempted high treason, due to providing media support to the subversive activity against Ukraine that the NewsOne TV channel would commit by holding TV link-up “Need to Talk” with the Russian channel “Russia 24”. On July 8th, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko claimed that one of beneficiary owner of the NewsOne TV channel is co-owner of Russian bank “Promsvyazbank”, through which the Kremlin is handling finance to the war against Ukraine. On July 8th, in the front of the NewsOne editorial office in Kyiv, protesters gathered to claim there was inadmissible to hold TV link-up with Russian TV channel “Russia 24”. The NewsOne’s editorial board said the protest action in the front of its office was a case of pressure onto the journalists.
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