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Prosecutor General’s Office and State Fiscal Service fail to answer request of journalist of «Pershyi Zaporizkyi» for almost a month

01.08.2017, 15:18
Elmira Shahabutdinova, journalist of the local online media outlet «Pershyi Zaporizkyi» has been trying for almost a month to obtain a response to her request to the Prosecutor General’s office (PGO) of Ukraine and the State Fiscal Service as to the results of the internal investigation concerning Oleksiy Kavylin, the head of the Chief department of the State Fiscal Service in Zaporizka oblast, who in March of 2017 received as a present a 16-million UAH worth apartment. She reported this on her Facebook page. «This story is going on for two months already. I contacted the Prosecutor General’s office about the results of the internal investigation and whether Kavylin was restored to his position. I sent the request on June 19, 2017, but received no response. I repeated the request on June 26. I also called the PGO’s press service and asked where my response is», the journalist wrote. According to her, the press service answered they coud not find her request and told her to resend the request to a different address. In another week, the journalist received a letter that GPO is not in charge of the case and has forwarded the letter to a different admninistrator – to the State Fiscal Service. When all the deadlines for the response were over, she called directly to the State Fiscal Service and was told they did not receive her request, it was not registered as incoming. «The prosecutor’s office swore they registered and forwarded my request. The SFS says they don’t have it and haven’t seen it», Elmira Shahabutdinova reports. In her response to the IMI regional correspondent, she said she sent another request to the SFS and plans to keep investigating the case.
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