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Prosecutor general assured no prejudice made to journalistic activity of “Novoe Vremya”

21.02.2019, 13:27
The Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said there had been no question of “any prejudice made to journalistic activity”, as the judge demanded the access to the internal documents of the Novoe Vremya weekly. He told it at a briefing, as to Radio Free Europe. As the Prosecutor General said it was just a request of information. “If someone among the journalists considers these measures are impeding to the journalistic activity, I beg you: you could appeal directly to me, or in a written form and, for sure, we will find the best option”. He added that “sometimes, the investigations needs some information that the journalists publish”. “Not in order to investigate the journalists’ part, but in order to reveal the leaks within the law enforcement bodies, and sometimes, to get some facts the investigative bodies are unaware of. And then, we don’t have any other option that to appeal to the mass media and to ask for the information. Nothing more. There is absolutely no question of any consequence for the journalist or mass media edition,” the prosecutor general told. “Me, as former journalist, I can guarantee to you that any journalist and any mass media outlet, apart those ones who or which are propagating the treasonable activity and who support the Kremlin practice, during my tenure of office, had not been prejudiced, nor will be”. IMI informed earlier, the February 4th, the Pechersk district court in Kyiv provided the Prosecutor’s general office with an access to the internal documents of the editorial board of Novoe Vremya and to all materials that the journalist Ivan Verstyuk had sent to the addresses of electronic mails of the edition. The press officer for the GPO Andriy Lysenko informed the investigation officers of the public prosecutor’s office were compelled to obtain the access to the materials of the Novoe Vremya edition at the court of justice, because the holder of the information company “The Publishing house “Media-DK” declined to provide all necessarily materials to the investigation. February 19th, the Media Movement claimed to consider these measures undeetaken by the GPO as the breach to the freedom of speech.
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