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President signed decree on maintenance grant for children of two perished at Donbas journalists

03.04.2019, 13:18
The President signed a decree “On assignment of maintenance grants to the children of journalists who had been killed due to fulfillment of their professional activity, as it is said on the web-site of the head of state. IMI informed earlier the grant is to be paid to Yustyna Hurnyak, daughter of the journalist Viktor Hurnyak, and to Olena Chernikova, daughter of the journalist Oleksander Chernikov. The grants are to be paid until they attain age of 18. In case if the children study at educational institutions under intramural attendance program, the grant is to be paid until they attain age of 23. The amount is 1,5 of minimal subsistence level. Viktor Hurnyak was killed on October 19, 2014 by mortar shell near the village Smile in Luhanska region, when he was evacuating of wounded soldiers. He was decorated postmortem with the Order “For courage”. Even at war he went on working as journalist, his pictures were exposed in several exhibition, in European parliament as well (Donbas: the war and the peace”). Olrksander Chernikov perished on January 22nd, 2015 in a battle at Donetsk airport while accomplishing a combat mission. Before the war, he worked as a reporter for TV program “Goubernial chronicles” an the 9th TV channel in Dnipro. He was decoracted postmortem with the Order “For courage” of 3rd degree.
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