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Portnov sues Pryamy TV channel

19.08.2019, 15:12
Former deputy head of the presidential administration under Viktor Yanukovych, Andriy Portnov, has filed suit to protect honour, dignity and business reputation against the fifth president Petro Poroshenko, his political force "European Solidarity" and the TV channel "Pryamy, as Hromadske reported referring to the claim form of August 15th. In a lawsuit filed with the Pechersk district court of Kyiv, Portnov demanded to invalidate the Petro Poroshenko's statement which had been made public on August 12, 2019 on the websites of the Pryamy TV channel and European Solidarity party and to recognize it as such that infringed his personal non-property rights. It is question of the publication “Petro Poroshenko: Portnov passed files of sailors’ case to Russia.” Its author claimed that files from criminal proceedings over Ukrainian sailors illegally captured by Russian Federation in the Kerch Strait allegedly had been handed over by the State Bureau of Investigation to Andrei Portnov  who afterwards  leaked this information to Russia, "and namely, to the Permanent representative of the Russia to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia." The plaintiff claimed that this report was not true, and thus, he requires the European Solidarity party, its leader Petro Poroshenko and Pryamy TV Channel to refute the relevant information within five calendar days from the date of entering into force of the decision in this case, by publishing on their websites an "introductory and decisive part of the court's decision in this case under the heading "Correction statement". Also, the former deputy head of the AP under Yanukovych wants to levy legal charges from the defendants. Nor Pryamy TV channel, neither "European Solidarity" websites had above-mentioned story on, as to the links cited in the lawsuit, but the story could been found in the Google cache of Pryamy. Earlier, Petro Poroshenko claimed that his interrogation as a witness in the case of possible tax evasion during the purchase of Pryamy TV channel was a fact of pressure onto journalists and an attempt of raider take-over of the channel, initiated by Andriy Portnov. It is known that Poroshenko is questioned in the framework of criminal proceedings for possible tax evasion during the sale and purchase of Pryamy TV channel. The State bureau of investigation told Hromadske that 12 criminal proceedings have been opened against Poroshenko. According to the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, Poroshenko is being held as a witness, not suspect in all cases.
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