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Poroshenko to get call option to purchase Pryamyy channel

25.06.2019, 13:04
The former president Petro Poroshenko is to receive a call option to buy the Pryamyy TV  Channel, as MP and head of the Committee on freedom of speech and information policy Viktoriya Syumar said interviewed by “Detektor Media”. As to Syumar, during the meeting with the journalists of the Pryamyy which took place on June 24th, Petro Poroshenko stressed that the Pryamyy Channel and the 5th channel would not be sold to Viktor Medvedchuk. He added "this should not be allowed that the media property to be engrossed by pro-Russian forces." Viktoriya Syumar added that Peter Poproshenko was willing to buy the TV channel from Volodymyr Makeyenko, if the latter has some "problems". On June 24, the owner of the Pryamyy TV channel  Volodymyr Makeyenko  had an assembly with the staff, and Petro Poroshenko and MP Viktoriya Syumar attended the meeting. According to its source, Makeyenko presented the TV host Svitlana Orlovska as a new head of the Pryamyy channel. She is to replace the CEO Yevheniya Zakharova. As to another source, Orlovska was presented as an acting head of the Pryamyy TV channel. On June 3, the General producer Alexei Semenov resigned from the Pryamyy TV Channel. On June 14, it became known that he was to run the newly formed media holding "Novyny" of Taras Kozak, who is an ally of Viktor Medvedchuk. The new media holding englobes tehe TV channels :"112 Ukraine", NewsOne and ZIK. On June 18, the owner of the Pryamyy channel, Volodymyr Makeenko, denied information about eventual sale of the TV channel to Taras Kozak , ally of Victor Medvedchuk.
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