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Poroshenko signed law on language quotas on TV

07.06.2017, 20:33

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the law on language quotas on television. This was reported on the President’s official Twitter, ВВС informs.

“I thank representatives of mass media for their proposals on introduction of quotas and return of the Ukrainian language to Ukrainian mass media. I have signed a corresponding law”, wrote Poroshenko.

The law on language quotas, which was approved on May 23, stipulates that for the national-level and regional TV companies the share of programs and films in Ukrainian mush constitute at least 75%.

For the local TV companies, the quota for products in Ukrainian is set at 60%, although in the initial variant it was 50%.

The quotas do not apply to programs and films created before August 1, 1991. As long as they have subtitles in Ukrainian they are included into the Ukrainian quota.

TV channels that fail to adhere to the quotas will be fined. The sum for each separate fine will amount to 5% of this channel’s overall licensing fee.

The document provides for benefits for languages of ingenious peoples, in particular, the Crimean Tatar language. The law will come into effect in four months after it was published.

The transitional period is established: during the year, all programs created by the TV channels are considered to fit the required Ukrainian quota.

As IMI reported earlier, on May 23, the Verkhovna Rada approved in general draft law No. 5313, which introduces on television obligatory quotas for programs and films in the Ukrainian language: 75% for the national-level and regional TV companies, 60% – for local TV channels, 75% – for news programs.

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