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Polish journalist injured at Bankova street

09.12.2013, 11:44

The Polish journalist Pawel Pieni??ek was injured by Berkut fighters in Kyiv, when covering the events at Bankova in the afternoon. This information was published on YouTube by Mykhailyna Skoryk.   

According to information published on Youtube, his head was hit during one of the law enforcers' attacks against the rallying people. 

Pawel told in his makeshift interview how it happened and how Polish and Ukrainian law enforcers were different.


" - How did it happen?

- When there was the first strike to disperse the crowd, I was just standing there. I squatted, because I thought the tear gas was incoming. I saw that people were running, so I turned my back. When I realized it was a Berkut attack, I approached a kiosk nearby, because by that time I had no chance to run away. I lifted my press ID – showed it and told I was with the press. They answered: "So what, fuck it". And they continued beating me.

When I wanted to run, they kept hitting me, I do not know how many times, ten times or so.


- What is the difference between Ukrainian police and polish police?


- The greatest difference is that they, if there is any danger and they intend to attack people, because the rally is agressive, they warn beforehand, so that all journalists, MPs and all other people could disperse. Here, we had no warning, and I could not walk away."

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