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Police considers beating of journalist Komarov in Cherkassy as attempted murder

Photo credits: Vadym Komarov’s Facebook page[/caption

]The investigator officers have reclassified the criminal proceedings based on the fact of aggression against Vadym Komarov as an premeditated attempted murder (article 15 and 115 of the Criminal Code), as to the communication department of the Cherkassy region.

The police in probing into the case, trying to establish the identity of the malefactor.

The police called all persons who were eye-witnesses or those ones who possesses any information which could help them to investigate the case, to communicate to them (by phone: (+47) 39-31-01, 39-36-01 or to contact the police number 102, or to come to the police station at the address: Cherkassy, 104, Pasterivska street).

IMI informed that on May 4th, some unknown person beat Vadym Komarov, local journalist and video blogger, who investigated facts of corruption in municipal council, illegal real estate development and condition of penitentiary establishment. At present, Komarov remains in hospital, in a critical condition, he has open cranio-cerebral trauma.

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