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Police closes case on threats to Chernivtsi journalist Halyna Yeremitsa

22.12.2022, 15:33
Photo: Halyna Yeremitsa
Photo: Halyna Yeremitsa

Investigators from the Chernivtsi police closed the case on threats to the Chernivtsi journalist Halyna Yeremitsa. The Chernivtsi Main Department of the National Police reported this in response to an information request by the regional IMI representative.

We remind you that in April, Halyna Yeremitsa filed a statement with the police about facing obstruction to her journalistic work. The media worker was threatened by a Moscow Patriarchate parishioner while filming on the premises of the OCU Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin in Mikhalcha village. According to Yeremitsa, the parishioner wanted to break her equipment and attempted to throw a brick at her twice during the live stream, in the presence of the police.

In the request, the IMI representative asked the police for information on the results of the investigation.

In their response, the National Police said that, with regards to the results of the pre-trial investigation, on June 23 they had decided to close the case on the basis of Clause 2, Part 1 of Article 284 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine – the act constituting no criminal offense. The police also said that the victim had been notified about the case being closed by mail.

"The materials of the closed criminal case have been studied by the Chernivtsi district Prosecutor's office. The investigators' procedural decision to close the criminal case was not canceled by the prosecutor and remains in force," reads the response to the information request.

In her comment to an IMI representative, Halyna Yeremitsa said that she was currently abroad. "The letter with the results of the case has not arrived to my home address. I asked my relatives and they said I did not receive any letters from the police. I did not know that the case had been closed. Now that I have learned about it, I am outraged. After all, not a single case regarding the obstruction of my professional work has been brought to court. None of the people who obstructed my professional work have been punished. And impunity breeds more crime!" says Halyna Yeremitsa.

The journalist notes that she plans to contest the investigators' decision.

As IMI reported, investigators from Chernivtsi police closed the case on threats of murder and home destruction received by journalist, BookInfo head Serhiy Zaraisky. However, the Chernivtsi Regional Prosecutor's Office canceled the police's decision to close the criminal proceedings and resumed the pre-trial investigation.

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