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Petro Poroshenko Bloc required “1+1” to let MP to take part in air program “Right to power”. As to journalists it as attempt to interfere editorial line

01.03.2019, 19:36
Petro Poroshenko Bloc required to let the MP Artur Herasymov take part in the air program “Right to power” or to recognize officially they rejected him as an “uncomfortable” guest. It is said in the “statement made by the faction BPP Bloc as to censorship at the national television” dated of February 28th, as “Detektor Media” reported. “At first, the TV channel had invited Artur Herasymov to take part in the air program and has announced him as a studio guest. The anchorwoman Nataliya Moseychuk confirmed in social network that Artur Herasymov, presidential representative, had been invited to take part in the program. But then the editorial board decided to exclude Herasymov from the list of invited studio guests. Especially, we are scandalized with a fact that preliminary announcement of the program was sounded not by the editorial board of the program, but by the Yulia Tymoshenko who, as it was found out, knows well the topic and the nuances long before the future airing of the program”, it is said in the text of the statement. In the reply to the PPB statement, the”1+1” claimed they had invited exclusively the candidates for the presidency of Ukraine to take part in the air program of social and politic talk show “Right to power” and some experts of the issue. “This dialogue over the invitation of Petro Poroshenko between the his team and the editorial board of the program has been lasting for already several weeks, but recently, we received a proposition from his party saying that instead of the president in office we had to invite Artur Herasymov, head of PPB faction. The president in person would charge him to represent his position in the air program of “1+1”. We are stupefied that someone is to represent the head of state. Once more, we have to emphasize we have invited the candidates for the presidency to be guests at the studio of “Right to power”. If Petro Poroshenko considers that the 31st of March this will be Artur Herasymov who is going to run for presidency instead of him, we ask to inform us about it. In this case, we will be glad to see him in the talk show studio”, the reply of “1+1” said. The editorial board officials told to be astonished what means the head of state used to make impact on the editorial line of the TV channel. “We would not like to think that it was one of these means the today’s rally before the main office of “1+1 Media” with demonstrators-for-hire, whose commissioner, as they said, was the president in office Petro Poroshenko”, as “1+1 Media” officials told. Meanwhile, Maryna Soroka, press officer of Yulia Tymoshenko, told nor topic or neither announcement of the program “Right to power” was a secret. “I was called by the guest editor who invited Yulia Tymoshenko to take part in the program. We asked about the topic and who would be other invited persons, we were told it would be a question of a journalistic investigation of the journalist Denys Bihus and that four candidates for the presidency were invited. There is a page of the program ‘Right to power” on Facebook, where one could see the announcement and the list of invited persons. Yulia Tymoshenko has its press service in order to assist her to get such information”, Maria Soroka told.
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