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«People's Control» accuses Volyn Oblast State TV and Radio Company of double standards, media outlet calls this political pressure

04.10.2015, 16:26

On October 2, near the building of Volyn TV and Radio Company there was a conference of the civil association «Civil movement «People's Control», whose representatives accused the media outlet of double standards. IMI’s local regional representative notified us about it. In particular, they claimed the TV company refused to broadcast a story how city mayor Mykola Romaniuk did not allow journalists and "People's control" activists to meet the residents of one of the buildings in Lutsk. Instead, they broadcast the program "Misto" about the mayor's achievements.

IMI lawyer Roman Holovenko commented the situation. He said that for the TV company the possible problem could be that the civil movement became a political party, so it can continue advertising itself when the political advertisement has to stop before the elections. Yet, it can cause a collision when the TV company has to adhere to the public contract (if such is in place) signed with the civil organization, and at the same time cannot do it due to the "quiet period", with the political party being also a civil movement.

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