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Part of journalistic team dismissed from edition due to controversy with its owner

13.02.2019, 08:45
Фото - Фейсбук Сергій Чепінський
Photo Serhiy Chepinsky (Facebook) 11 journalists of the edition quitted their positions due to controversy as to strategy of development of the online edition with its owners, as to Interfax-Ukraine. “On September, the editorial board had elaborated the strategy for development of the media as business portal focusing the small and medium enterprises. Unfortunately, the editorial board and the owners have different views as to the way this strategy has to be implemented.That’s why a part of the editorial office decided to quit the job in”, the letter said. Serhiy Chepinsky, deputy editor in chief of said the employees who decided to leave the job will work till February 22th. The persons who decided to quit the job are the editor in chief Darya Kurenkova, her deputy Serhiy Chepinsky, the journalists Tetyana Kucher, Iryna Gudz, Inna Roslyk, Natalya Minyaylo, Oksana Tarasenko, editor of newsline Vita Popova, editor of the magazine Top-100 Lubomyra Remazhevska, analyst Lubov Petrushko and projects manager Artem Illyin. Darya Kurenkova commented the dismissal of the team to Detektor Media, saying she did not know who would exercise direction of the edition furtherly: “I look forward the edition could exist and evolve, as it has its faithful readers”. The web-site of informed that within the implementation of new business strategy and new editorial line the new team of top-managers of the bureau “ekonomika +” “faced fundamental reluctance of a part of the journalistic team of business portal od to accept any changes or experimentations with the format”. There is anyway question of censorship or interference to the editorial process, as Kostyantyn Parshyn, owner of media bureau of ekonomika+ told. The journaliosts were suggested to make their own propositions as to the evolution strategy, but the journalists refused. Febryuary 4 2019, it was reported the new owner of business/media bureau of “ekonomika+” became Dnipro businessman Kostyantyn Parshyn, and edition was headed by Illya Chudnovsky, who had worked earlier as general director of publiching house Kapital.
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