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Parishioners of the UOC (ROC-affiliated) in Cherkasy oblast obstruct the work of Suspilne reporters

11.05.2023, 18:00
Photo: screenshot from a video by Suspilne Cherkasy
Photo: screenshot from a video by Suspilne Cherkasy

Parishioners of the UOC (affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church) grabbed Suspilne cameraman, Serhiy Yefimov, by his camera and tried to shove him away near the St. Nicholas Church in Shpola, Cherkasy oblast, on May 11. This was reported by Suspilne Cherkasy.

The media also reported that the parishioners were shouting obscene insults and threats, addressing the female reporters.

As Suspilne's correspondent, Oksana Shved, reported from the scene, the people gathered near the church, expressing their wish to leave the Moscow Patriarchate and join the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. However, there were parishioners who opposed such transition. A verbal fight ensued, during which the parishioners of the Moscow-affiliated church threatened the Suspilne journalists, grabbing their camera and preventing them from filming.

The gathered parishioners voted unanimously for joining the OCU. The Shpola residents were collecting signatures for the move to legitimize it.

Suspilne stated that they would contact the police regarding the obstruction of journalistic work.

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