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Owner closes Ukrainian editorial office of "Zhyttia" due to their refusal to publish pro-Russian articles

13.05.2014, 12:09

The head of the Russian holding ‘News Media’ Aram Gabrelianov decided to close down the Ukrainian newspaper «Zhyttia» due to its editorial office’ refusal to publish pro-Russian materials. In particular, Ukrainian journalists refused to publish the materials sent from Moscow «Protect us, Russia», «Russia, help» and «Neo-Banderite Distatorship». Aram Gabrelianov explained that the newspaper has the same layout and the same materials for all of its regional editions, and the Ukrainian editorial office refused to publish them. According to him, there was no political conflict between the Moscow management and the Ukrainian editorial office, as the Ukrainian editorial office explained their refusal by the sanctions such publication would lead to, both from the authorities and from Maidan activists. So, the office was closed down due to considerations of the staff’s safety. 

Around a month ago, the Russian management of the holding «Kommersant» closed down the Kyiv editorial office of its newspaper referring to economic reasons.

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