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OSCE noted Ukraine media landscape not free from Russian influence

23.04.2019, 16:08
The international observers did not note any direct Russian interference the election day in Ukraine, but they say Ukraine media landscape is not free from Russian impact. As the special coordinator of the OSCE’s short-term observer mission and the president of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, told, as to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. We did not note any clear evidences of interference such as obstructions to electoral procedure or to cyber security. But today, this is very easy to interfere through propaganda, very easy to do it through social networks. We cannot say that Ukraine media landscape is free from Russian influence, obisously this could have happened. What effect it had onto the electoral process? I can't say it now. As international observers we did not note such evidences the day of election. He added this election could be example for other countries in the region. The OSCE noted that "the presidential election in Ukraine was competitive and held with respect for fundamental freedoms, the international observers concluded in a preliminary statement released yesterday. The orderly transfer of power should offer the opportunity for strengthening democratic institutions and their accountability, although the campaign for both rounds lacked genuine discussion of issues of public concern, the statement says. The media landscape and campaign coverage reflected the dominance of economic interests in public and political life, the observers said. The run-off was well-organized, despite operational challenges and a limited timeframe. The legal framework still contains shortcomings, and there was little will to resolve electoral complaints in a way that would guarantee effective remedy. Election day was assessed positively by the observers and, despite a few procedural problems, there was a marked improvement in the conduct of the counting and tabulation over the first round, the statement says. The incumbent conceded defeat shortly after the polls closed. “The democratic and orderly transfer of power we witnessed yesterday is a great achievement by the Ukrainian people and paves the way for renewed efforts to advance necessary reforms to address burning issues and provide good governance. I thank my colleagues from different international institutions for their readiness to support this process,” said George Tsereteli, Special Co-ordinator and leader of the short-term OSCE observer mission. “The authorities now have to seize the opportunity the citizens have offered them to provide the economic and security conditions in which to realize their aspirations.”
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