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Oppositional TV-channel TVi replaced with World Fashion channel in Yenakiyevo

15.01.2013, 12:22
 Oppositional TV-channel TVi was cut off and replaced with a fashion channel in Yenakiyevo city of the Donetsk Oblast on January 11, 2013, reported the TVi press service reported.

According to the TV-channel director for development Oleksander Pivniuk, "our viewers from Yenakiyevo wrote us about the cut-off as early as on Friday (January 11), and today, on January 14, representatives of Perspektyva cable operator told me that TVi was not stipulated by their new concept of selecting programs for broadcasting".

According to Pivnyuk, cable operators explained that the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting ordered operators to increase the number of programs in their universal social package, and, as if, to meet this demand, the operators decided to cut TVi and replace it with the World Fashion, within frames of developing the social package. "We can only guess why the TV Word Fashion was identified by Yenakiyevo cable operators as a social one…”, Pivniuk said. "Probably, cable operators have decided that residents of Yenakiyevo began to live better, and need the high world fashion instead, while the recent news about what is happening in the country, are not needed," - he said.

As IMI reported earlier, on July 20, 2012, Triolan  cable network operator cut off TVi in 11 cities of Ukraine.


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