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Only prosecution witness against Sushchenko is the father of his godchild

14.02.2017, 17:10

Fabruary 14, 2017 - The only prosecution witness against the journalist Roman Sushchenko is his godfather. Mark Feygin told this to UNIAN after the Moscow City Court found legal Sushchenko 's arrest till the 30th of April.

"The evidence materials consist of different kinds of opeartive materials. The only prosecution witness is  father of his godchild, he and Sushchenko are friend more than 25 years."- Feygin said.

Feygin said that the judge refused to mitigate restraint order on house arrest for Sushchenko and rejected the request for Consul of Ukraine involvement as a defender in the case.

"Sushchenko could stay in the guest house at the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia, which is not under the Vienna Convention (no inviolability). Police protects input and output there. He can not run away because he doesn't have the passport. Perhaps, they are thinking that he is a spy, he has 10 passports and he shall shave head or wear a wig. With a such publicity of the process, there is no way the defendant will violate the law," - Feygin said.
He noted that the court refused to release Sushchenko under house arrest, explaining it with the fact that he can destroy evidence. "I can not imagine how can he destroy the evidence: they are inside the FSB building. There are evidances created by the security service, nothing else,"- Feygin told.

The lawyer of defendant said that Sushchenko is sitting for no special reason for almost three months. Prosecution have not conducted any proceedings since December last year. He stressed that Sushchenko has never faced criminal indictment and has worked as a correspondent in Paris for the last six years.


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