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One of those who attacked ATN TV channel threatens its journalist

01.08.2014, 12:32

The journalist of the TV channel ATN Tetiana Dotsak received threats of physical violence from the pro-Russian activist Serhiy Yudayev on July 29 during the hearing in Kyiv rayon court of Yudayev’s case. On April 7, Serhiy Yudayev together with other perpetrators attacked the office of the TV channel ATN in Kharkiv. During a break in the hearing, Tetiana tried to get a comment from Yudayev in regard of his case: with a microphone in her hand, she asked him whether he repents that he stole HR documents of the TV channel’s staff and threatened them with violence. Yudayev did not answer, but when she repeated her question he told his associate to take care of her and used a phrase, ‘so that she gets blown up’. 

Dotsak filed a complaint with the local police, and an investigation of the incident has been launched. 

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