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One of the long-standing chlidren’s magazine "Barvinok" to shut down

26.06.2019, 14:06
Photo credit: The children’s magazine “Barvinok” (Periwinkle), the most long-standing edition for kids in Ukraine, is to shut down, as to “The kids are massively focusing on virtual reality, this is not the best time for the magazine that appeals to sense and reality. Our shiplet is going alongside, we come ashore, where there are manuscripts of unfinished books, textbooks are still to be written, volunteer activity to be done. So, we shall meet again. We don’t bid farewell, we say just goodbye” they said the journalists of “Barvinok”. The magazine “Barvinok” had been founded on January 1928 in Kharkiv, its title at that time was “Zhovtenya”, then its publication was temporarily suspended during the world war and in 1945, it reappeared in Kyiv under new title “Barvinok”. Until 1990, it was the only periodical edition for younger school children. “Barvinok” was the only magazine published with mass circulations in the whole territory of the USSR and abroad. The total number of circulation exceeded 315 million of copies.
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