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On Sunday, in Kharkiv pro-Russian rally participants attacked ‘Inter’’s filming crew

01.09.2014, 23:17

On August 31, participants of the pro-Russian rally in Kharkiv attacked the filming crew of the TV channel «Inter» - the correspondent Stanislav Kukharchuk and camera operator Oleksander Yanovsky. This was reported by Kukharchuk himself during a live standup.

According to Kukharchuk, the rally in support of the so-called «Novorosia» in Kharkiv brought about fifty Communists, most of them pensioners. When they learned that a filming crew from the TV channel ‘inter’ was covering the event they charged at the crew. Police officers on site tried to protect the filming crew from the attack and tried to stand between the journalists and the rally participants. As a result of the incident, the camera operator Oleksander Yanovsky was hit on his arm with a stick.

At the same time, not far from the Communists’ rally a weekly local Euromaidan rally was held; its participants raise funds for the Ukrainian Army. There were significantly more people in this rally, and no one of them behaved aggressively. 

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