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On Shuster live during Azarov’s speech on reneging on European integration, the trust indicator was offline

27.11.2013, 11:19

During the talk show «Shuster live» broadcast by the Inter TV channel on November 22, the speech by the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov was not illustrated by the indicator of the level of trust from the studio audience.

Azarov explained the government’s strategy concerning the European integration. In particular, he pointed out that the agreement on association with the EU did not provide for the possibility of Ukraine’s membership in the EU.

For the context, the visual «thermometer» indicates, to what extent the talk show studio audience supports what a politician or a MP is saying. Earlier, journalists accused the editorial office of «Shuster live» of taking the trust indicator offline every time the floor is given to representatives of the authorities – including Mykola Azarov. Journalists believe this is to hide the negative response the audience is having to speeches of some of the talk show guests.

The «Shuster live» show on November 22 was dedicated to the decision of the Ukrainian government to cease the preparation process for entering into the agreement on association with the EU. That night, among the studio guests there were, besides Mr.Azarov, the head of the faction of the UDAR party Vitaliy Klitschko, the head of the Communist Party of Ukraine faction Petro Symonenko, the head of the faction of the Party of Regions Oleksander Yefremov, the head of the Batkivshchyna faction Arseniy Yatseniuk and the head of the faction of Svoboda Oleg Tiagnybok.

For the context, since November 22 in Kyiv on Maidan Nezalezhnosti thousands of people have been rallying against the government’s decision to renege on the association agreement.

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