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On live broadcast, Shuster complained to Yatseniuk about pressure from National TV Company of Ukraine

07.10.2014, 23:34

On the live broadcast of the First National TV Channel, Savik Shuster, the founder of «Savik Shuster Studio», told the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk that the First National’s management is oppressing him as a representative of medium business and that officials engage in subterfuge. This took place during an episode of «Shuster Live» on October 3. 

Shuster said that he would inform about this because he was privileged to do so while many others were helpless in a similar situation. According to Shuster, the head of the First National, an official in direct subordination to the Prime Minister, keeps cancelling his talk show episodes despite the contract that expires on January 1, and warns about the cancellation in a couple hours before the show is supposed to go on air; moreover, the channel’s head is heavily underpaying for the show while Shuster’s show logistically requires a lot of money, let alone the wages for his staff.

Yatseniuk assured Shuster that he would discuss the issue with Zurab Alasania, the head of the First National TV channel.  

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