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Oleh Sentsov says he was tortured

10.07.2014, 19:34

On July 7, the hearing was held in Lefortovsky rayon court of the city of Moscow about pre-trial restriction for the Ukrainian film producer Oleh Sentsov, who is being kept under arrest in a pre-trial detention center in Moscow, Russian Federation, under a suspicion of preparing acts of terror in Crimea. Sentsov made a statement that during the interrogation in the former Simferopol branch of the Security Service of Ukraine in Crimea he had been subjected to torture, beating, and humiliation, which aimed to elicit from him testimony against the leaders of Maidan and Ukraine. This was reported by the Russian TV channel «Dozhd».

Sentsov insists that he has never been a member of the Right Sector and never organized any terrorist cells and the very thought of an act of terror on May 9 is impossible for him. He believes a case against him is a political one, the one that has been cooked up through and through.

Sentsov claims he was detained not on May 11, but on May 10, and before an official interrogation he was tortured to make him testify against the leaders of Maidan and Ukraine. When he refused to do so, he was told he would be accused of organizing crimes himself.

During the court hearing, Oleh Sentsov also expressed his protest against Russia’s attempts to deprive him of his Ukrainian citizenship and legal protection. 

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