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Oksana Romaniuk: Publicity challenges police to investigate crimes against journalists more effectively

03.02.2017, 16:04

The council on protection of professional activities of journalists and freedom of speech ought to conduct a public meetings at least once in a quarter. This will encourage investigators to investigate crimes against journalists. The executive director of the Institute of Mass Information Oksana Romaniuk announced it at an international conference "Safety of Journalists: an imperative for free media" in Kyiv, on Feb.3, according to the Human Rights Information Centre website.

"The platform for dialogue created under the Presidential administration is important. And we would like to hold meetings regularly and to have one public meeting every three months. It is important to send a signal that the government pays attention to the impunity of crimes against journalists,"- she said.

"When we launched the Council, we were watching growth of investigations in the first quarter. We were amazed. But the rise of investigations gradually began to subside, there was no progress for the last quarter. The public launch of the Council stimulated investigators in the field," - Oksana Romaniuk added.


Photo - Mykola Myrnyi


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