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Occupiers hold a "festival of peoples" in Luhansk, assure that Ukrainians are a fictitious nation

14.12.2023, 13:02

Russians held a "festival of Russia's peoples" in Luhansk, which the city's schoolchildren had to attend mandatorily. At the propaganda event, the children were told that they were Russians and that Ukrainians were a fictitious nation, reports the National Resistance Center.

"The enemy is deliberately erasing Ukrainians' identity, as they plan to erase the entire nation, which is genocide. The extermination of our nation is Vladimir Putin and his minions' only goal," the Ukrainian underground resistance says.

The National Resistance Center wrote that everyone involved in the crime against the Ukrainian people will be brought to justice.

As the IMI reported, the Russians are trying to bribe the locals in the occupied territories to praise the occupiers. Propagandists promise to pay for a minute-long video of locals speaking on camera about how their lives have improved since Russia started the war. The Russians plan to spread such videos abroad through their agents of influence.

The Russia-installed authorities in the occupied territories of Ukraine were instructed by the Kremlin involve more children in propaganda programs. The Ukrainian underground resistance has noted that the Russians are working with the children starting in first grade, for instance, by organizing drawing contests with a propagandistic theme.

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