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Number of cyber attacks and misinformation increased before election, as to Cyber police Head

06.03.2019, 16:18
The Cyber police anticipates the number of attacks targeting the state institutions and ministries before election are to be multiplied, according to Serhiy Demedyuk, Head of Cyber Police Department, as Ukrinform reported. As Demedyuk said, the number of such attacks increased before election. “I can nothing but acknowledge the fact that since the beginning of the election campaign we record a great number of cyber incidents related to sending … of fishing messages, spam. It means the malefactors tried to get access to computer of some or other functionary. Then, it is matter of skills: if a criminal gets access only to one computer within some state authority, institution, ministry, he will get all the information. Thus, the attacks are multiplying each day until the beginning of election, this fact could be acknowleged”, Demedyuk told. “Against the agencies which serve and which are partners of the Central election commission, that in fact is going to hold election, as well”, he added. The ccyber police observed an increase of misinformation in social networks and in some online editions.
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