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Novy TV channel journalist beaten by hairdresser

21.08.2015, 00:44

On August 17, a Novy TV channel’s journalist was recently beaten by a hair styling shop employee in Kyiv. The journalist Olena Filonova is known for her scandalous investigations. This time, she was conducting her investigation on how hair styling shop employees comply with the hygiene standards. She was wearing a make up to look more dirty and unkempt, and was coughing and scratching herself during the haircut. Yet, the hair stylist did not disinfect her tools and the seat, and started a haircut on a three-year-old child right after that. After thus, Filonova visited the same barber shop with a camera and asked the employees about the hygiene standards and why they do not comply with them. As soon as the hairdresser learned she was being investigated, she became aggressive and attacked the journalist, first verbally, then physically. The journalist was thrown away from the shop, sustaining scratches and bruises from the beating. The journalist called the police, registered her injuries and intends to sue the hair stylist.

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