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Novy Kanal Journalist was wounded when visiting Donetsk airport

23.10.2014, 01:05

Oleksiy Ishchenko, Novy Kanal TV channel’s journalist working on the informational and entertaining program “Abzats!” sustained a wound in the chest, when he was visiting one of the most dangerous sites of the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone – Donetsk airport. This was reported on the website of Novy Kanal. When a fragment of a mortat shell hit Ishchenko in the chest, a bullet-proof vest Ishchenko was wearing took on most of the damage but a small wound still is on his chest.

The program’s operator Oleh Rohiv did not go there with Ishchenko to keep others safe as the separatist snipers ofter shoot at the flares at camera lenses.

The filming crew together with the volunteer organization ‘Povernysa zhyvym’ (Come back home alive) were taking surveillance equipment like night vision goggles and thermal cameras to the soldiers on the front line. 

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