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File a complaint receives email threats

18.09.2023, 16:07

The independent anti-corruption center received threats by email. The center's executive Oleksandra Hubytska reported this on Facebook and shared the details with IMI.

"An email to our office from football fans. The level of culturedness and education is obvious right away," she wrote.

The author of the letter wrote that they knew the journalists' home addresses and threatened them with physical violence.

Subject: Address to NGL. Text: Sick creatures calling yourselves journalists. We know where you oll live. We will find you and put you on all fours. F**** your moms. Sinsirely yours, football.

Photo source: Oleksandra Hubytska on Facebook

In her comment to IMI Hubytska said that they believe the threats to be connected to the article "The Great Escape", which was released on September 14, 2023. identified 2,248 men who fled the country through to the Shlyakh system and the persons who helped them.

According to her, the editorial team received threats right after the article was released. So far, the team has not contacted the police, she added.

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