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Newspaper "Novy Den” stopped to come out in occupied Melitopol

14.03.2022, 20:47

In the occupied Melitopol of the Zaporizhzhia region, the local newspaper Novyi Den stopped publishing. 

The editor-in- chief of the publication Dilyara Kudusova announced this on March 13 on her Facebook page .

“Amidst occupation, the editorial office, unfortunately, was forced to stop publishing the Melitopol city and district newspaper Novy Den. For now, we will work only on the sites and social pages of Melitopol.City and the newspaper "New Day", - she wrote.

She notified that any other publications with this title were not the product of their editorial staff.

“If a publication called "NovyDen" appears somewhere, it will mean that someone is arbitrarily using our logo, and the editorial office has nothing to do with the content of the materials. We do not cooperate with the occupiers. Glory to Ukraine!" - wrote the editor of the publication.

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