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NewsOne will sue police for closing case on blocking of the channel

28.02.2018, 08:41
TV channel NewsOne claims that it will contest in the court the decision of the police to close the criminal proceeding that was opened in December of 2017 based on the fact of blocking of the channel's office by activists. This information was published on the channel's website. As the channel reminded, the criminal case was opened based on Article 356 of the Criminal Code “Forcible assertion of right”, even though the channel hoped that the case will be investigated based on Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Obstruction to lawful professional activities of journalists”. Based on the information of the channel, the criminal proceeding was closed by the senior investigator of the Investigations Department of Solomyanskyi Police Administration of Chief Administration of National Police in Kyiv City, Yaroslav Kolomyets. “It is quite indicative that, according to the resolution on closing the criminal proceeding No.12017100090014170, only 1 (one!!!) criminal was identified and interrogated, where the blocking was conducted by an organized group of several dozens individuals! The senior investigator decided that the actions of this individual were likely a peaceful protest, but still produced materials for bringing this individual to administrative responsibility - for not reporting the peaceful protest intentions to the police. Now this individual can be punished by an administrative sanction - “a warning”", the channel pointed out. The TV channel stated that it does not intend to accept such state of affairs, and will sue the police, requesting the criminal case investigation to continue as the case on obstruction to lawful professional activities of journalists (article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).
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