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New rules for journalists working in ATO since January

14.12.2016, 16:31

For representatives of civil media, a new order of work in the ATO area will be introduced since January 1, 2017. Oleksii Chornobay, the Ministry of Defence spokesman, informed about changes at a briefing on Dec.13, UNIAN reports.

"On pursuing demand of the first deputy head of the Antiterrorist Center at the Security Service of Ukraine - the head of the antiterrorist operation, a new work order in the ​​anti-terrorist operation area will be introduced for civic journalists since Jan. 1, 2017 " - he said.

Thus, media representatives accredited by the Security Service will receive two types of press cards: the first and second levels of accreditation. The press accreditation card of the second level (blue color) permits journalists to perform editorial assignments throughout the territory of ATO except the frontline positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The procedure for obtaining this the second level press card remains unchanged.

The press accreditation card of the first level (crimson color) perrmits journalists' work directly at the first line, at the depth of first echelon strong points.

"Media representative have to undergo a three day training at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in order to get the first level accreditation card. The training stipulates two days of a theory at the National Defense University named after Ivan Cherniakhovsky, and one practical day at “Desna” training center of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Desna", - Chornobay claimed.
In addition, he pointed out that representatives of foreign media, who were accredited by SBU(the Security Service of Ukraine), will get the first level accreditation press card only upon passing a mandatory one-day briefing.

Chornobay also said that more than 250 media representatives had filed  applications for passing the three-day training in December. After the training,. all of them will receive ATO press cards of the first level. "Given the significant number of journalists who wish to receive the press cards, three-day courses are planned to be continued in January of the next year", - the spokesman said.

Photos - Reuters

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