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Near Kyiv, one of participants of gathering “Fishermen’s Union” shot at journalist

15.10.2014, 23:51

In Kyiv region, at the gathering “Fishermen’s Union”, one of the participants shot at the journalist Ihor Havryliuk, and hit his temple. The journalist survived, yet he lost his hearing in one ear. The issue to be discussed at the meeting was changes in members of the board of "Fishermen’s Union". The local journalist came to record a story, yet one of the participants asked hum not to film and to go away. A conflict emerged between them, and the journalist hit the elderly man’s shoulder several times in the process. The enraged pensioner went back home and returned with a gun. He chased the journalist and shot at him three times. The suspect, who is 66, is detained by the police. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

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