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Near Cabinet of Ministers, "Berkut" fighter assaulted 5 Channel camera operator

27.11.2013, 11:17

On 24 November, in Kyiv fighters of the special unit “Berkut” assaulted the camera operator of Channel 5 Ivan Nakonechny. This was reported by the journalist of Channel 5 Olga Snitsarchuk and photographer of Komersant-Ukraina Vlad Sodel.

Vlad Sodel uploaded a photo of Nakonechny, when a “Berkut” was silencing him with a hand.

According to the camera operator, the incident took place on 5:30 pm. Following the editorial office’s instructions, he was filing activists of the EuroMaidan, who came to the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. He proceeded past the police cordon to film ‘Berkut’ fighters with shields in their hands. Three of them approached him, and ignoring his ID and claims that he was press, pushed him out of the territory of the Government’s building, pulled him down and kicked him.

 Nakonechny himself commented that he did not sustain any injures, but his camera was damaged – the police officers broke the light on it. 

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