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National regulator to monitor Viasat as to transmission of banned Russian TV channels

28.03.2019, 19:23
The National council on television and radio broadcasting is going to monitor the satellite provider Viasat as to transmission of banned Russian TV channels, as to “Detector Media”. Georgiy Tykhyy, journalist for Ukrinform news agency, wrote in Facebook, that Viasat would start transmitting of several Russian channels, TNT, Shanson TV, RTR Planet, and others. “I guess we have to check this information, Serhiy Kostynsky, member of the National council, told. I ask the control and analythical board to fulfil monitoring of the provider of program service, whether the banned channesl are transmitted. Our task is to verify are these TV channels transmitted or not and to act in conformity to the law”. The head of the regulator agency Yuriy Artemenko upheld this decision. The Viasat company replied they do not transmit banned Russian channels and refute information from Georgiy Tykhyy. The provider claimed it is possible to switch on illegally banned Russain TV channel independently from provider. “Information posted on Facebook page by user Gosha Tykhyy does not correspond to the real facts and is blatantly slander. Such act could be considered as intentional damage to Viasat’s credibility and misrepresentation of audience, diffusing treason in social media with no effort made to look into the technical aspect of the issue”.
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