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National regulator informed of Ukrainian language index on TV attained 92%

15.04.2019, 14:22
The National council on television and radio broadcasting reported that average index of broadcasting in Ukrainian language attained 92%. Serhiy Kostynsky, member of the National councilб told it in his Facebook page. “Several well-liked Russian-speaking journalists, finally, are hosting the programs in Ukrainian. The news blocks are almost Ukrainian-speaking. All this would be impossible if the authorities had not imposed language quota on TV two years ago”, he said. He added that average index of airing in Ukrainian language on local TV channels got 30% more than minimal admitted level and is 90%. As to the National council, the higher dynamics was observed on TV channel “Inter”: from 37% of Ukrainian-speaking programs it increased to 80%. “Yes, the law is not perfect: speakers, hosts of news programs have right to communicate any language, the law covers only anchorpersons, news casters and reporters, but the TV channels have right to accompany with subtitles Russian-speaking films and programs”, he said. Kostynsky added this law prepared grounds for new law On Ukrainian language. “This is the new law which is to enhance expansion of Ukrainian language in Ukrainian TV and radio broadcasting”, he told.
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