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National council recorded around 100 violations in mass media while publishing sociological polls

06.08.2019, 13:21
The National council on television and radio broadcasting working group recorded 94 violations of the electoral law the mass media had while the publishing the results of sociological research from July 1 to July 21, as “Detector Media”  reported. On August 1, at its last meeting the working group on media compliance with the electoral law the discussed the results of media survey during the parliamentary campaign. The experts documented several irregularities the media had while publishing the results of the polls related to election. In particular, they failed to inform about sponsors of the poll, territory of poll coverage, quantity and method of forming the sample of respondents, polling mode, statistical error. From 2 to 17 of July, the TV channel “UA: Pershyy” in its program “Good Morning, Country!” (ERA-Media's own production) had 12 violations (without recurrence). From 8 to 13 of July, on the Espresso TV channel, the experts recorded 8 violations (without recurrence). On Channel 8 from 8 to 10 of July there were 6 violations. There were 4 violations on 5 Kanal from 4 to 5 of July. On "1 + 1" from 5 to 16 of July there were 3 facts of violation, on ICTV from 12 to 17 of July there were 2 violations. While conducting interactive voting some TV channels failed to mark it to inform the audience that the poll was not representative. Such violations were recorded on TV channels Ukraina (July 12, 5 violations) and ICTV (July 8 - July 16 - 4 violations). The TV channels also made public the results of opinion polls ahead of the voting day, which is prohibited by the Law on Elections of People's Deputies. On July 19, 4 violations were reported on “Ukraina” TV channel. “UA: Pershyy” and “Inter” had one violation each. A number of violations were also recorded at radio. On Radio NV on July 4 there were 5 violations of making public the results of sociological polls. There were 4 violations at the Perets FM on July 4. On "Russian Radio" on July 4 there were 2 violations.
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