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National Council plans to seize court in order to revoke NewsOne’s license

23.08.2019, 16:04
The National council on television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine has intention to seize the court to revoke the license of NewsOne TV channel, as the member of the National council Serhiy Kostynsky said on the air of the TV channel "Pryamy” TV Channel. “The verification has been completed. Based on the results of this verification, the decision is to be made until September 5. We monitored broadcasting of this channel (NewsOne), in particular during the election, and we recorded some facts with signs of incitement to hatred in Ukrainian society. And we made ready a draft decision, by which the National council appeals to the court demanding to revoke the license, "- Kostynsky said. IMI reported, by the end of July 2019, the National council revealed some breaches the NewsOne had, as the broadcaster was going to launch TV link with “Russia 1” TV channel . Earlier, Kostynsky said that if  the experts would confirm NewsOne had committed violations (incitement to hatred), then sanctions would be imposed to NewsOne.
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