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National council penalized TV broadcasting company in Chernihiv region for retransmission of Russian TV program

24.01.2019, 16:09
On the 24th of January the National council on TV and radio broadcasting companies issued a warning and fixed an penalty charge to provider of program service “TV and radio company TELCOM” in Chernigiv region for having transmitted a program of Russian TV channel TBN, as to web-site of the National council. The penalty charge is fixed in amount of 25% of license fee. The broadcaster has to pay it during 30 days to the budget of Ukraine (2 401, 25 UAH, or approximately $. 86) and to correct violation. On the 15th of November 2018, the National council on TV and radio broadcasting received a complaint from a citizen Y. V. Larchenko on retrains;ission of the program which did not correspond to the principles of European convention on transborder television and to the Law of Ukraine. The National council verified the facts and got confirmation TELCOM is broadcasting the program which does not correspond to Ukrainian legislations and to demands of its license.
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