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National council on TV and radio broadcasting renewed RTVI ban

07.03.2019, 18:51
Photo credits: wikipedia On March 6th, the National Council on television and radio broadcasting has extended its retransmission ban on the RTVI channel for one year more, as to the National council web-site. As to a member of council Serhiy Kostytsky, the monitoring last month showed that the channel continued to violate systematically the Ukrainian legislation, in prticular RTVIhad been retransmitting the films with actors who figured in the Ministry of culture of Ukraine's list of persons who could present danger to the national security of Ukraine, and aired the programs stirring up hostility and justifying the war. The National Council adds that it repeated appealed to RTVI’s distributor Sonar, as well as Benrose Limited, its rights holder, with written warnings concerning violations of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and Ukrainian law. However, the rights holder said they felt the channel complied with the requirements of the Convention and that the norms of international law have higher legal force than those of Ukraine. Despite this, they would try to adhere to Ukrainian legislation, as informed. IMI reported earlier, September 6th 2018, the National council on television and radio broadcasting had suspended the retransmission of RTVI due to systematic violations of Ukrainian law.
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