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National council is going to inform Central election commission and police on breaches made by broadcasters

24.01.2019, 15:42
The National council on TV and radio company broadcasting is going to inform the Central election commission and the law enforcement bodies of breaches revealed during the pre-election campaign 2019, as Yuriy Artemenko, head of the Council told on the 24th of January, as to Ukrinform. Serhiy Kostynsky, member of the Council, précised in what manner the agency would control the political advertisement in the broadcasters. “We will calculate the volume of advertisement in general being broadcasted by TV channels and radio stations and we will separate the part of political one. Also we will survey whether there would not been breaches as to the quotas of the advertisement as such, if positive, the National council can apply sanctions : “warning”, and in case of reiterated breach, we can penalize the broadcaster. As to political advertisement, the law oblige us to fix the breaches and to report it to Central election commission”. He added the working group is functioning to survey the work of TV and radio companies during pre-election period. On the 25th of January, the meeting of the working group will take place. On the 31st of December, President election campaign has been started. The President election is appointed to the 31st of March 2019.
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