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National council fixed out-of-schedule inspections for two TV channels

14.02.2019, 18:12
The National council of television and radio broadcasting in Ukraine scheduled extraordinary inspections for TV channels PAI in the town of Burshtyn (Ivano-Frankisvska region) and TVI (company INFO 24, Kyiv) due to revealed signs of breach of the license and current legislation, as to the website of the National council. The National council reminded on November 29 the TV company PAI got a warning due to failure to respect the Law on television and radio broadcasting”, in its paragraphe 7th of the article 27 and paragraph 8 of the article 28. The TV channel cut the number of programs of its own production, and local topics have not been treated in the programs, but it should be not less than 15%. The satellite TV channel TVI ceased to broadcast on January 28-29, what is breach to the paragraph 7 of the article 27 and alinea “a” of the paragraphe 1st of the article 59 of this Law.
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