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National council fine 8 radio stations

09.02.2017, 14:16

The National Council on Television and Radio stations fined eight stations for non-quota songs and maintenance of programs in Ukrainian. This decision was adopted by the National Council on February 9, "Media Detector" said.

Kiss FM ( "Ukrainian Television and Radio Corporation UTAR") - 215, 600 UAH;
"Shanson" (TRC "Chanson") - 125, 726.UAH ;
"Radio Vesti" (TRVK "Master", Kharkiv) - 39, 600 UAH;
MFM (TRC "Nova Khvylia", Kharkiv) - 36 thousand. 360 UAH;
"Europe plus Dnipro" ( "Skyphia" Novomoskovsk - 33, 600 UAH;
106.6 (TRC "Simon", Kharkiv) - 37, 800 UAH;
"IRTA" (Independent Broadcasting Company "IRTA" Luhansk) - 25, 864 UAH;
"Mayak" (TRC "Mayak", Aleksandria) - 4, 40 UAH.

The test results of "Radio Vesti" in Odessa was the only issue. Checking recorded on November 12, 2016 showed 49.22% of maintaining programs in Ukrainian instead of 50% required by law.

General producer of "Radio Vesti" Vitaly Dokalenko explained deviations from quota by politeness of radio presenters who in air, communicated with Russian students and guests studios in Russian: "This is not a violation, but a gesture of politeness, until recently it was a journalistic standard. Under the rules of politeness, it is right to answer a person in the language he/she refers to you." According to him, on the monitoring day Mykola Veresen was working 3 hours, and during his live work he switched to Russian.

"Now we are forcing him to answer in Ukrainian," - said Dokalenko. He emotionally expressed surprise that the National Council pick at for  0.78% quota in the 14 hours live "Radio Vesti" broadcasting.

Member of the National Council Serhiy Kostynsky reminded that there is a law that does not allow for deviations and requires 50% of maintenance programs in Ukrainian since November 2016, 55% - fsince November 2017 and 60% - since November 2018. "What are you talking about? We have the whole country lives under the law? You transform rule to pure farce "- Dokalenko reacted to Kostynsky words.

"Radio Vesti" lawyer reminded that previously radio broadcasted 90% of Russian and moved to Ukrainian a week before the entry of the law on quotas into force. Currently, the share of Ukrainian language maintenance programs is over 70%. She noted that the National Council has not revealed deviations in quotas for "Radio Vesti" in Kyiv and Dnipro, only in Kharkiv, while net broadcasting is the same on all three frequencies. "We ask to take results of checks under advisiment and put us on a constant monitoring in Kharkiv, so you can be convinced that our hosts really switched from Russian to Ukrainian and we are not doing 50% of Ukrainian, but 60-70%," - representative of the radio station asked the National Council.

"We do not have opportunities for constant monitoring. We chose one day for checking - and on this day you did not have a quota. We have recorded violations,"- Serhiy Kostynsky said.

After a brief closed meeting of members of the National Council still decided to give "Radio Vesti" sanction of a fine. Deputy Chairman of the National Council Juliana Feschuk noted that the National Council has given the penalty for 24.8% of Ukrainian language songs instead of 25% to another radio station.

Overall, the National Council tested 11 radio stations. It reviewed the results of the nine checks and the results of two moved: Odesa "Armenian Radio" (Broadcasting Company "Armenian Radio", Odesa) - because it is the draft decision, according to Serhiy Kostynsky, it needs some developments, and Mariupol 104 FM (TRC " European Studies ", Mariupol) - in the absence of representatives at the meeting on 9 February.

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