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National council documented violations of election law by NewsOne, Inter and MaxiTV channels

11.02.2019, 18:41
The working group at the National council of TV and radio broadcasting fixed several breaches of the electoral law by the TV channels NewsOne, Inter and MaxiTV, as to the Council’s web-site. From January 30 till February 3rd, the TV channel NewsOne broadcasted the series of programs covering only one candidate for the presidency, Yuriy Boyko. Totally, it was aired 43 programs with duration 52 minutes. Moreover, the NewsOne made public some sociological poll, but failed to provide all necessarily data on the method of inquiry, what precise question was asked, who ordered the poll and what was the statistical error. As to Diana Dutsyk, media expert, the same violations have been observed in the programs broadcasted by the TV channel 112 Ukraina. The TV channel Inter broadcasted a news edition a part of election program of Yuriy Boyko. It was a breach to the paragraph 10 of thearticle 64 of election law of Election of the president of Ukraine, because no campaigning in favour of one of candidates could be allowed in the news block. The TV channel Maxi TV aired Evhen Murayev before he was formally registered as candidate for the presidency. The National council reported they would file this information to the Independent expert board affiliated to the council, as well as to the Central election commission and National agency to prevent corruption. IMI informed earlier, on the 10th of January, the National council on TV and radio broadcasting formed the working group which is supposed to inform the Central election commission and the law enforcement bodies of breaches revealed during the pre-election campaign 2019.
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